Do I Need a Water Softener?

Are you wondering when you should get yourself a new water softener for your home? It’s a great question to ask yourself. Especially when this time of year rolls around. Fall is a season that provides enough relief from extreme temperatures long enough to allow you to think about the finer details of your home comfort.

One thing we’d like you to focus on is your water quality. If your water quality is a little on the lackluster side, we suggest that you consider some means of bringing it up to par. One way you can do this is through services with your water softener in Surprise, AZ. Let’s go through everything you need to know.

What Is “Soft” Water?

We find that people typically throw around the term “soft” water without defining it first. We want to make sure you understand what it is. Soft water is balanced water that’s removed of excessive mineral content. What makes water “hard” is the amount of minerals suspended in it.

The minerals that often make their way into your water are things like calcium and magnesium. They come from the municipal water supply and groundwater seepage, and fortunately are completely benign to humans. Although they aren’t going to harm you, they’re definitely going to make life harder for your plumbing system. This is why “soft” water is sought after and water softeners are a great investment. 

Do You Need a Water Softener?

Now let’s determine if your home could benefit from a water softener. These are a few signs that you could:

  • You Have Scale Buildup: Have you noticed that every time you pull a dish out of the dishwasher, it’s covered in little scale spots? This is a byproduct of hard water.
  • Your Hair, Skin, and Nails Are Dry: Have you noticed that your body is uncharacteristically dry? This can actually be a side effect of hard water. It will only get worse the more time you allow to go by.
  • Your Water Bills Are Too High: If there’s a spike in your water bill that you can’t pinpoint the source of, it could be due to reduced water capacity due to buildup in your home’s pipes. This is a great reason to get yourself a water softener. 

How to Get the Most from Your Water Softener

Once you’ve decided you need a water softener, the focus switches from wondering if you need one to purchasing the right one and using it correctly. 

The one thing that you need to do is make sure that you have your water softener installed and maintained by a professional. There’s no way around this. We know that the allure of DIY work or amateur work is tempting. It seems like a feasible way to save yourself some money on your installation services. This isn’t the case. It’s likely you’ll spend more money trying to save on your water softener services. We often repair issues that arise from poor installation. We’re available to help you get the installation work done right. 

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