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Plumbing is any network that carries liquids for various uses to various destinations. It may be used for domestic, industrial, or municipal plumbing; however, it involves complicated operations involving pumps, water pressure, water flow, sewage treatment plants, and exit points. Plumbers utilize drainage pipes, water pipes, valves, plumbing fittings, and other plumbing devices for the conveyance of fluids. They also involve the control of the water supply.


Public sewers are places where a variety of plumbing systems converge to discharge wastewater into the drainage pipes. They are generally constructed with concrete footers and floors and the walls are made of brick, concrete, stone, or timber. These structures are known as ‘basti’ or ‘pit’. To prevent the formation of airborne solid debris, septic tanks are usually located beneath ground level in pits.

In the rural areas of the world, common plumbing fixtures are used to provide water supply to homes. In urban areas, separate water supply lines are provided to individual homes. The urban population generally uses individual water supplies supplied by individual plumbing fixtures or tank systems. Individual fixture systems do not require frequent pumping, therefore reducing wastage of water.

One of the most important plumbing systems is the main sewer line. It carries water to all houses, residential or commercial, and connects all drainage systems. It carries a large volume of water and has a large number of manholes or discharge ports. To prevent the backflow of sewage, a primary sewage line or trap is installed near the main sewer line. This trap will block the flow of sewerage until the main pipe is unblocked.

A range of drain fixtures is available in the market. Some of them are made of brass, copper, iron, brass-bronzed and chrome-plated metal. They are usually made using the double-ended plumbing system, which consists of two drain pipes coming from the same fixture. This dual-ended plumbing system ensures that the discharge of sewage will be controlled and directed in the proper direction.

Plumbing companies are becoming very popular these days because of its contribution to the welfare of the people. As a result of its contribution to the environment, it has gained high regard in the society. Many companies today are engaged in providing plumbing systems and associated plumbing equipments at affordable rates. They follow a green approach towards their business which helps the environment to a great extent. With this many organizations are making use of green technology and water reuse to improve the water supply to their premises.